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To Survive Website Style And Substance is Key

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A surge in digital growth means the web is now more competitive than ever. If your website isn’t breathing life into your brand and services, it’s just rusting on a digital shelf. In this case, you’re not just wasting your money but potentially missing out on crucial leads, contacts and revenue. 

In the modern digital era, a website doesn’t just act like an online catalogue for your digital channels, but an active member of your sales team. Therefore, it needs to firstly look good, be functional and sweat.

As the saying goes ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression’, and because your website is often the first touchpoint with a completely new prospect, you better make sure it’s good! It’s critical to have an appropriate website style that's aligned with your audiences’ wants and needs. Likewise, your website needs to have substance, as high-quality content attracts the eye of visitors to enquire further, like a showroom. 

We've identified 4 key areas that are a complete must for your website to pop and help your business grow.




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Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  1. Visually appealing 

  2. Design and layout alignment 

  3. Site navigation 

  4. CMS Hub


As visual appeal is key to getting visitors engaged with your website, we will start with this…

1. Visually appealing


Your website must be visually pleasing as nearly 8 in 10 customers will stop engaging with a website that isn’t attractive. Your website is essential in showcasing your brand. It can explain how you feel about yourselves, how you position your services in the market and communicates quickly whether you take yourself seriously. 

Did you know that judgements on a company’s credibility are 75% based upon website design? We know it’s pretty crazy that credibility is so strongly connected to the aesthetic quality of your website. But it's 2021, and a website should act as a window into the way your business operates. 

A website is usually the first touchpoint for a prospect and if it’s visually poor it can quickly turn them off and allow them to slip from your grasp. Thankfully, Hub CMS allows for webpages to be easily changed and adapted to your customer’s needs and wants. 


2. Design and layout alignment (with target customers)


As common as it is to say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, it only takes around 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website, and whether your service or products will be of use to solve their problems. 

A website acts like your showroom, and high-quality content and design will attract the eye of your visitors to enquire further. However, you need to make sure that your content, layout, design graphic etc are relevant to your market and your target customer. 

You can dress every page with graphics of kittens and puppies, and it would probably get you a lot of pet-loving traffic, but if you’re in the automotive trade (an extreme analogy, but you get our point) you’re probably not going to get many ‘leads’ (forgive the pun).


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3. Site navigation


A website needs to be easy to navigate; for 94% of consumers, easy navigation is the most useful website feature. Websites that allow users to navigate between pages quickly and efficiently allow them to find content and information much faster, this positively impacts the reputation and professional look of your business. 

It’s been forecast that digital user experience (UX) will be, if it isn’t already, the biggest driving factor for business growth this decade. 77% of agencies believe that a bad website UX is a weakness for their clients. Therefore, it's critical to understand your buyer’s needs to help them easily conclude that you’re the solution they absolutely MUST have. 

Your website must have the tools (chatbots, autoresponders, navigation bars, page layout and more) and the layout to help them reach their goals. 


4. CMS Hub 


Although a slick style is crucial for your website, it can only go so far without substance. Substance is the real bricks and mortar of your website; offering valuable content to the visitor will encourage them to keep coming back for more and help your website climb in the rankings. 

Search, security, reliability, performance and mobile optimisation are supremely important. CMS Hub is designed for substance and when you build on this system all of these growth driven tools are already hard baked in, so you’re well equipped for your website to perform like a rockstar.


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