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6 Benefits of Using Direct And Automated Emails Your Team Will Love

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In the marketing world the common debate about whether email marketing is dead isn't new. Some years it’s dying, others it’s flourishing, but what should you believe?  

Take it from us, email marketing is still going strong. 

76% of UK businesses claim that email is a powerful tool in their business strategy and 8% of businesses attain more than 50% of their sales through this method. 

It’s important to develop a strong email marketing strategy. Whether your strategy includes using automated emails to reach the right audience at well-timed moments to drive traffic or building brand recognition and relationships through direct mail, when used correctly both methods can help you to grow your business and generate a healthy ROI.


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We’ve identified 6 key benefits that your company could enjoy when using automated emails and direct emails in an email marketing strategy.

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  1. Customer retention 

  2. Effective for lead nurturing 

  3. Relevant content

  4. Personalisation

  5. Relationship building

  6. Targeting and data



Firstly we'll start by looking at how using automated emails can benefit your business... 

1. Customer retention 


Finding new customers can be up to 25 times more expensive than keeping the customers you’ve already got. It’s far easier and more cost-effective to sell to an existing customer than convert a new one. 

With email automation, you can stay in touch better than ever before. 

Scheduling emails so that your customers don’t go ages without hearing from you and making sure the copy is relevant and engaging, or including an offer, can help to retain customers and encourage them to buy from you again. 


2. Effective for lead nurturing 


Email automation is a great way of keeping your business in customers' minds who are interested in a product or service but aren’t ready to purchase yet. 

Scheduling a series of emails that contain valuable content around users’ wants and needs at the right intervals can be significantly beneficial in keeping leads warm and converting more prospects. 


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3. Relevant content


83% of businesses claim that they send relevant content and the right message to subscribers effectively through automated emails. 

Segmenting customers or a database into groups based on interests, demography, purchase history or buying behaviour means that you can get the relevant content and message to the right person. This will help to increase customer engagement. 


Lets now discover some of the benefits your company could enjoy when using direct emails…


4. Personalisation


Direct emails have a personalised nature, making this form of marketing an extremely useful way to build your brand. 

Tailoring direct emails to meet the needs of each recipient can help increase email open rates. Furthermore, using data analytics and segmentation to help personalise direct mail, can generate a higher response from customers with improved ROI. 

Personalisation can also help to eliminate the mailing of irrelevant content such as account status, date sensitive content and gender-based content. 


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5. Relationship building 


It’s hard to reach out to every single one of your customers and try to build a relationship with them either in person or by phone. Direct emails bridge that gap and establish a relationship between brands and prospects. 

Addressing recipients by name and creating emails that include relevant content connecting to their needs and wants, interests, behavioural patterns and past purchases, makes customers feel valued. 

The more valued they feel, the more likely they are to have a better impression of your brand and purchase and recommend your services. 


6. Targeting and data 


The purpose of targeting is to connect with potential buyers who are likely to be interested in what services and products you sell. 

Using information and data gathered in HubSpot’s CRM, you can find visitors who are most likely to buy your product or service on past buying habits, demographic, and internet habits. 

Then with direct emails you can target these selected potential prospects, address them by name, send them valuable content or offer them particular deals to specific demographics to encourage them to make the next move. 


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