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The HubSpot CRM Your Key to Boosting Sales And Leads

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Long gone are the days of spending hours frantically scrolling through emails trying to gain accurate information on the status of leads, double-booked appointments, and unorganised data. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are here to stay. 


A correctly deployed CRM system is an extremely useful tool. In addition to tracking and managing all interactions with prospects and making this data available for your whole team, a CRM is designed to take meaningful customer relationships to the next level and increase your bottom line. 


It’s no surprise that inbound marketing and sales platform giant, HubSpot, provide a kick-ass CRM. This platform is like no other and is the perfect tool for companies to scale, integrate, adapt, and thrive with ease. 




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If you’re interested in setting your business up for success, here’s how HubSpot’s CRM is a game-changer: 


  1. Increased sales 

  2. Business growth 

  3. Improved customer relationships 

  4. Personalised experience

  5. Nurture more leads 



Sales are the be-all and end-all of every business, we’ll start here…


1. Increased sales


With HubSpot’s CRM software you can segment hot leads from the tyre kickers, so you don’t have to waste your time with people who aren’t willing to commit. Your business’ ability to check customer buying histories will identify potential leads, upselling opportunities and repeat customers.


Streamlining your sales process, building a sales pipeline, and analysing all your sales data in one centralised place is made easy with a CRM, and this helps to increases sales and productivity.



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2. Business growth 


Most companies have the goal to grow. However, through rapid periods of growth, it can be easy for valuable leads to slip through the cracks because of information overload.


HubSpot's CRM can help to solve this problem.


Contact, company, sales opportunity information, and every interaction that takes place through customer communication channels (website, email, calls, social media) are effectively stored and organised in a CRM.


CRM systems help marketing and sales to function as a cohesive unit and support the complex workflows of a fast-growing sales team. This is crucial for scaling organisations.





3. Improved customer relationships 


Did you know that finding new customers can b5 to 25 times more expensive than keeping the customers you’ve already got?


Although reaching new audiences is important, it’s critical to keep your current customers active and engaged.


With a clear understanding of the history and status of each customer, it’s easy to exceed customer expectations when using a CRM. Thoughtful service and support can be delivered and tailored to the stage of the sales funnel that each customer is currently in, all from using information gathered in a CRM.


Your company will receive in-app notifications of customer inquiries across multiple channels with a CRM, making your response times faster, smarter and speeding up issue resolution times. This will drastically improve your customer experience and help you to retain and create strong relationships with both existing customers, and new ones.




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4. Personalised experience 


Thanks to HubSpot’s CRM, you can personalise the user experience for each contact. Access to complete contact and customer information puts you in the best position to know who’s in what stage of the sales funnel, and then fine-tune your marketing accordingly.


Data collected can assist in creating unique, personalised marketing campaigns for your customers. Including a name, tailored content, and a personal message can help to increase engagement, conversion, and even increase sales by up to 20%.



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5. Nurture more leads 


Lead nurturing is made efficient, effective, and easy when using CRM software, as this will automatically help you maintain a lead’s interest until they’re ready to buy. With HubSpot’s CRM lost opportunities are a thing of the past.  


HubSpot’s CRM software helps to identify your most valuable customers. The valuable information provided assists in nurturing leads by pinpointing weak links in the sales process (e.g. unanswered calls or emails that aren’t followed up), ready for you to give that helpful nudge or two to get the customer back on track.


Without a CRM system, your marketing and sales staff will be presented with the problem of spending hours searching through emails and trying to gain accurate information about the status of leads. Commonly, missed or double-booked appointments and failure to follow through on tasks needed for nurturing leads through the entire sales pipeline then occur. 




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