CMS Hub, Your Key to File Storage Organisation And More Sales

We’ve all been there… messy folders, random papers scattered all over the desk, missing documents and frantically trying to find information whilst trying to secure a sale with a customer. 

It’s time to leave this chaotic and cluttered way of working behind. 

Meet HubSpot’s CMS Hub file storage feature. 

With this streamlined document management system, you can keep your assets organised, accessible and ready for collaboration – giving you, and your team, more time for selling. When dealing with a prospect, content needs to be shared quickly and easily, this CMS Hub feature provides all of your team’s documents and files at the touch of a button. 

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We believe having a central file storage system is crucial for effective teams, and here’s why:  

  1. Upload files

  2. Share with others

  3. Reliable security




Uploading files onto a central storage system is the first step in file organisation, so we’ll start here.


1. Upload files 


CMS Hub presents you with file storage capabilities, giving you a straightforward way to access your files, share with others, and minimise clutter. 

Uploaded files can be organised, edited, and deleted, and then used as images, videos, or file download links inserted into your content.

All files uploaded to HubSpot’s file manager are publicly accessible, may be indexed in search engines, and are served over the global content delivery network (CDN). However, if you don’t want your files to be visible to search engines, the visibility of your file URL can be customised.


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2. Share with others 


With the file storage tool you can build up a library of content for your whole team. The real benefit here is that they can then upload and share documents with each other or prospects without leaving your CRM.  

Using a file storage system that's integrated with a CRM means that your whole team can draft, send, and store all assets in one central place, making it easier to stay organised throughout the sales process. 

Sharing documents is simple and easy. Just create a shareable link from the document dashboard or the document details page or add the document link to your sales email templates. 


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3. Reliable security 


HubSpot’s file storage feature doesn’t just reduce the burden on your hard disk but also keeps your documents safe from hazards with better first-class reliable security. 

With HubSpot’s CMS you no longer have to worry about the security of your files and documents. As a SaaS CMS with a globally hosted CDN you get 24/7 threat monitoring, a web application firewall and an automatically maintained and updated system. 

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